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Here are some of my Works
Pharma Solution This is an information website i made for a pharmaceutical company.
The admin interface makes it easy to change and add news, order them into cathegories, and protect some of them.
To access protected content the user has to login with same username and password he uses to access Alliance Healthcare website, they use for the purchase of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.
You can visit this website.
Lediberg Lediberg is a group of publishing and printing company in which I've spent a couple of weeks of apprenticeship. In this perid I was asked to build a site to inform the whole group about news of the company: a protected newsletter system.
The site is easy to use: an admin logs in, adds or modifies the news, and then, from the admin panel sends an e-mail to every address he previously saved. The mail contains a link with a secred code that allows to read the online newsletter page.
Quota 3052 I made this website for various events organized by different corporations and companies in and around Bergamo.
The events consisted in meetings and film screening about the mountains and, in particular, the Alps.
I personally don't like too much the look of this site, but I was given the images and precise instructions on how to make it. You can visit it here.
Serendipity This was surely one of the strangest project i followed: one of my old design attempts has been chosen, after a few touches, to become the cover of the book "Serendipity".
Like the title suggest it's a completely born-by-chance book, a mix of poetry and short stories, and my opportunity to design the cover was also a big chance.
Here you can find the book on Libreria Universitaria.

PharmaSolutionAn information website I made for a pharmaceutical company

LedibergAn internal newsletter system I made for a printing company

Quota 3052A website I made for an alpine event

SerendipityThe cover image for the book Serendipity

YouTale This is one of the most difficult projects I put myself in. It consists in a sort of YouTube, but, in spite of videos, the user uploads short stries or pieces of poetry.
It is quite accurate: it has a like/dislike bar, the tales can be searched and ordered by age, appreciation or author, users can write each other personal messages... Just like in YouTube.
The site is not online at the moment, but it would be ready to be uploaded and opened to public access.
It is developping this project that I've learned how to build and manage a MySQL database.

YouTaleA social website based on tales

My curriculum

name Nicola Cavallazzi
birthday 22 may 1993
in Treviglio (BG), Italy
citizenship Italian and French
e-mail admin@nicolazzi.org
2007 Middle school license
2012 Graduated at scientific high school Lorenzo Mascheroni (in Bergamo, Italy) (93/100)
now Attending computer engineering at the polytechnic of Milan
mother tongue Italian
mother tongue French
fluent English
Work Experience
20102 weeks internship in the graphic office of the Lediberg Group
2011 2 weeks internship in a pharmacy

1 month as animation staff at Loano2Village


2 weeks at studying English in London (at UCL college), level upper-intermediate

2012 Attendance certificate for lessons on the safety on work by INAIL
Computer Skills
Confortable with Windows, Machintosh and Linux OS

Capable with most web-languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL

Basic knowledge of the Adobe suits, in particular good with Photoshop and Dreamweaver
from 2007 HipHop Dance at Bergamodanza (6 recitals + 1 tourney)
from 2010 Parkour
2010 Student category provincial champion of archery
2009/2010 Latin American dance
Ski and Snowboard
Other Interests
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